Maternity photography

Gorgeous photos about the most wonderful period of woman’s life

Newborn photography

Capturing all the precious details of your perfect newborn baby

4-6 months baby

Second outstanding milestone of the first year

6-9 months baby

Sitter photo session

9-12 months photoshoot

Crawling and sitting, sometimes already standing baby

Cake smash photoshoot

Celebrating your baby’s first, second and so on birthday :) 

My year project

A unique opportunity to save memories of the greatest milestones of your baby’s first year of  life  (can be also made for older children)

Christmas minis

Yearly plan of creating the funniest and the dearest memories of your family

You are Gorgeous (coming soon)

A new project created for women. Have a break for everyday routine. Relax, have fun, feel care and see that gorgeous woman that is hidden inside you.